Lat 32.71’65.28”S - Long 152.10’39.64”E

Anchorage Marina is Port Stephens’ newest berthing location with everything you need for your boat, your family and a memorable stay in beautiful Port Stephens. Located 2.5hours north of Sydney the pristine azure waters of Port Stephens – which are twice the size of Sydney Harbour – are located in the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park and is home to an abundance of wildlife, beautiful beaches and exquisite restaurants all just a short sail away. 

Our marina has 90 marina berths accommodating boats up to 55m, five swing moorings, a fuel dock, courtesy car and dockmaster service 7 days a week. Our 2019 upgrade completes our full marina rebuild with new arms, fuel dock and modern facilities for you and your boat. Break-walls provide protection from the elements ensuring the calmest conditions offered by any of the Port Stephens marina’s which helps to make your stay comfortable and keeps your boat safe.

Adjacent to the marina is The Anchorage Hotel and Spa, offering luxurious waterfront accommodation along with Spa Lucca, two swimming pools and decadent dining options.

We are located at Corlette Point, surrounded by bush and pristine beaches, and only a short drive, bike ride or coastal walk to the central hub of Nelson Bay.

Anchorage Marina provides private, peaceful and luxurious berthing; the perfect place for long or short-term stay, combined with quality modern facilities for you and your guests.

Services & Facilities

  • Private guest bathrooms
  • Fuel dock
  • Pump out facilities
  • Onsite guest laundry
  • Customer lounge with Tea and Coffee facilities
  • Onsite weather station
  • Private car park access
  • State-of-the-art berths
  • Beach access for strolling or swimming
  • Yacht charter
  • Boardroom / office space
  • Complimentary Lexus courtesy car
  • Wireless internet
  • Rubbish and recycling facilities
  • Dock assistance
  • Loyalty Card
  • Digital CCTV
  • Portable defibrillator